Kenya will host the UN Security Council in October

Kenya will host the UN Security Council in October

Kenya will preside over the affairs of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) because the country will assume the rotating presidency of the Security Council in October.

In announcing the news, President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that during Kenya’s presidency, the country will help solve the thorny challenges facing peace, security and development facing the world today.

In his speech, the head of state reiterated that Kenya’s contribution to the Security Council will continue to be rooted in the lasting hope and firm belief that “we can create a better world together”.

"I look forward to working with other leaders of the Security Council to tackle the thorny challenges of peace, security and development facing the world today," said President Kenyatta.

He added: "I also look forward to negotiating multilateral positions to ensure peace in our region, continent and the world."

He pointed out that Kenya will remain the safe hand of Africa.

Kenya joined the UN Security Council nine months ago.

In a statement last week, President Kenyatta outlined some of the key discussions during the event, including how illegal small arms and light weapons affect peacekeeping operations, and how to better support and promote women peacekeepers and peacebuilders.

Diversity of affairs will also be part of his agenda, which is the core goal of promoting nation-building and the pursuit of peace.

Kenya's presidency of the UN Security Council will be a critical moment on the international stage. The mentality of unequal trade and investment patterns, the outflow of illegal funds, and the inflow, mining and production of illegal small arms and light weapons is changing. All escalating global inequalities, fragility, conflicts and violence.

According to President Kenyatta, many of the tools we can use to meet these challenges have not fulfilled their promises. "One such core tool is the UN Security Council, and Kenya has been elected as an active member since the beginning of this year."

"In many countries, we are witnessing national fragility that leads to prolonged crises. This fragility is mainly due to the inability of countries to manage domestic diversity, thus providing radical and terrorist organizations with the opportunity to create social dissatisfaction and control in affected countries. Territorial opportunities.” President Kenyatta pointed out.

He added: “It turns out that the tools to deal with these crises are not sufficient; so we must work hard to improve their capabilities. The most important task we can undertake is to improve the country’s ability to manage its own political and social diversity.”