Kenya suspends visa-free transit with Pakistan

Kenya suspends visa-free transit with Pakistan

Kenya's interior ministry ordered the suspension of the Pakistan visa-free transit agreement on Wednesday.

The move was made after social networks showed videos of crowds of Pakistani citizens crowding into residential neighborhoods in the capital, Nairobi.

According to the authorities, there has been an influx of Asian foreigners who were initially thought to be Afghan refugees.

Chief Home Secretary Karanja Kibicho ordered the police to work closely with immigration services to crack down on illegal foreigners.

In a statement, Kibicho said: "Most of these travelers are from Pakistan and have valid transit visas to Saudi Arabia, which are issued on arrival. In the future, the government will limit the number of foreigners passing through the country to levels that do not pose a threat to Kenya's national interest. "

Kenyan Citizen Digital said in a letter to the Pakistan High Commission, the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “The Kenyan Government regrets that some of these passengers are taking advantage of Kenya's status in these countries with respect to COVID-19 quarantine legislation. This risks undermining Kenya's agreements with those countries that are being concluded to ensure the continuation of business and tourism activities between our countries. "