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    Silver Age Optoelectronics: the application of plastics in LED lighting market is promising


    Released on June 13,2014


    Source: LIGHTSTRADE.com


    Abstract: aspointed out by Fu Yi in the special interview, the plastic kit is advantageousover metal and glass materials significantly due to the high recyclingperformance and the simple processing. It has been widely used in suchindustries as electronics, autos and home electrical appliances as well as LEDlighting industry.

    The 19th Guangzhou International LightingExhibition, which was the largest lighting exhibition in the world, was held inBazhou Pavilion of Canton Fair grandly in June 9-12. As the advanced designerand manufacturer of the advanced and high end plastic heat dissipationtechnology, Dongguan Silver Age Optoelectronics Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as “Silver Age Optoelectronics”) appeared in Booth A21 of No. 9.2Pavilion with a series of new products such as the straight lamp kit, balllight kit, spotlight kit, PAR kits, materials and several all-plastic lightsource kit solutions. During the exhibition, Fu Yi, the general manager ofSilver Age Optoelectronics had a special interview with LIGHTSTRADE.com, makingexpectations about the market of Silver Age Optoelectronics series products andshowing full confidence on it.


    Talk about innovation: all plastic series product featuresprominent

    Guangzhouinternational lighting fair is the global lighting and LED industry bellwether,in the lighting show, the Silver Age photoelectric has brought a series of newproducts, especially embodied in straight electric energy consumption of allplastic and all plastic bend product series electric energy consumption. Fu Yiwhen accepting a reporter to interview said, "is the motto of our companyleading all plastic products, satisfy the consumers of higher security, easierassembly, and a higher ratio of material requirements."

    Besides, the Silver Age photoelectricis a refreshing new booth design attract the attention of people.Fu Yi introduction, "the show, we adoptedthe new VA design, from the company's Logo, the overall marketing strategy andproduct design, have launched a series of new measures. Especially such power,the main series of all plastic products of the company, will give the generallighting manufacturers especially suppliers in different way."
    AboutLED the concept of thermal conductive plastic package products unique, Fu Yithink can from two perspective: "first, from the point of view ofmaterial, features of plastic material is insulation, relatively light, easyprocessing, easy to recycle, we are using all plastic materials can give userstrust products. Second, from the perspective of attitude, our products arefully plastic structure, convenient assembly, manufacturer of automated massproduction assembly for the next step creates a very convenient conditions, wecan make the users buy fun."
    Fu Yisaid in an interview, compared with the metal material, glass, plastic packageadvantage is very obvious, the most prominent feature of plastic material isrecycled and strong processing ease, in the electronic, automotive, homeappliances and other industries have been widely used, in the LED lightingindustry also occupy a very general comes in."Firstof all, from the perspective of the weight of material, plastic material is thelightest, which determines the characteristics of the product is verylightweight. Second, from the perspective of hardness, plastic impactresistance is strong, compared to this point and glass fragile, has theadvantages of impeccable. Plastic material can stand the fall and impact, inthe process of processing and use, hardness has a very obvious advantage.Third, from the aspects of material recycling, plastic material is a kind ofthermoplastic material, can be used repeatedly. The metal materials, glassmaterial recycling process is very troublesome, also is not veryenvironmentally friendly practices."
    Plasticpackage materials into lighting industry time is very short, there are a lot ofusers are not very understanding of features and characteristics of thematerial.How to conductpropaganda and promotion?Fu Yireplied: "it is through the perspective of marketing, to participate inthe guangzhou international lighting fair peak BBS, and share on the BBS ofplastic package materials in the application of LED lighting industry, let moreconsumers know plastic package and lighting manufacturers in the advantages ofapplication of LED lighting industry. The second is to the general userrecommend our all plastic product, let them try to use and evaluate plasticsuite lighting, let them in the process of the development of their productsand metal materials, and let them know the advantages of plastic packagelighting, so that the plastic package products form incomparable advantage onthe user's mind, so that users will be willing to accept plastic packagematerials."
    Talkabout the market: the LED development into the fast lane
    Fu Yiis introduced, the Silver Age photoelectric the Silver Age technology in thefield of LED lighting industry set up a new company, aims to apply the SilverAge photoelectric lighting of all plastic material in LED lighting industrydevelopment and the Silver Age photoelectric corporate image promotion, hope Ican with more lighting manufacturers hand in hand to cooperate in productdesign and product planning.
    On LEDlighting market segmentation, Fu Yi said: "the LED lighting industrysegmentation field very much. As material of lighting company focus oninnovation, the Silver Age photoelectric could not cover will occupy all of thefields, we are currently planning niche or main torch and the ball straightlanterns with characteristic of mass consumer market, such as only focus onprofessional, only a professional can give customers to provide a high qualityprofessional and competitive products."
    "Onthe one hand, as the material supplier, we have developed materials andstructures in the field of entering the market segmentation, to satisfycustomers to use at ease; on the other hand, we should grasp the pulse of thedevelopment of the industry, for the development of the market constantlyupdated products, this is also our advantage, the silver Silver Agephotoelectric mission is to serve the masses of users to provide satisfactionand trust of products."Fu Yicontinue to added.
    Fu Yithink, compared with the LED lighting industry to channel sales model, channelsales model in the Silver Age photoelectric isn't very outstanding, "we'remore adoption of B2B marketing mode, which directly to the next lightingmanufacturers. Channel is not the most important factor in our marketing, weare more hope to be able to give lighting manufacturers to provide more qualityproducts and services."
    "First,positioning to clear. The Silver Age photoelectric positioning a global leadingsupplier of such LED lighting product. Second, the products have the damage,which is to serve our consumers are competitive, security, guaranteed product."Fu Yi talked about the Silver Age photoelectricfuture emphasized in the product and sales strategy.
    Road,looking to the future development of LED industry Fu Yi confident andoptimistic: "LED lighting industry has entered the fast lane ofdevelopment status, the next few years is LED developing period, we must seizethe moment well. Combined with more than ten years of work experience andmaterial development of the market, I think there are two words is particularlyimportant. One is to see things clearly, 2 it is to make products to meet all."