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    1 R & D Strength

    Asthe technology center of key enterprises in Guangdong Province, Silver Age Optoelectronics owns a strong R & Dteam consisting of nearly 100 doctors and masters, accounting for 10 % ofemployees. The proportion of bachelors or above is 30% of the total employees,and 17 experts from domestically key universities (Sichuan University, ShanghaiJiaotong University, Sun Yat-sen University, South ChinaUniversity of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc.) participate in technical R & D. We have 45 patents, 23 core technicalinventions and more than 1000 kinds of product marks. Moreover, our technicalcenter established Dongguan Silver Age Polymer Materials Research Institute inApril 2009 by cooperating with Sichuan University, with a group of high-qualitytalents and high-precision instrument and equipment for testing provided. Wealso employ some prestigious senior experts from scientific research institutionsas technical advisers, making our R & D strength taking the lead in theindustry.


    On one hand, we rely on R & D strength of the group;on the other hand, we employ excellent industry elites and create a first-classinnovative R&D team which includes more than 30 engineers in fields such asmaterials R & D, structure and appearance design, mold development,injection molding/extrusion process, accounting for 23% of the total employees.We have strong R & D and design capacities for LED products and can providepowerful support in material application and structure optimization.

    2.R & D Equipment

    Inorder to ensure continuous, rapid and healthy development and improveindependent R&D capacity, we have imported advanced research equipment fromcountries such as Japan and German. We have obtained the honorary title of “KeyLaboratory in Dongguan City” and passed CNAS certification in March 2014.


    Instrumentname: LED special integrating sphere

    Model:HAAS-2000    1.5m_R98_V3

    Contentstested: luminous flux ¢, light transmittance, colortemperature, lighting effect and PF value.

    • Instrumentname: NETZSCH  LFA447 laser thermalconductivity tester
    • Model:LFA447
    • Contentstested: used to test thermal diffusion and thermal conductivity coefficient andspecific heat capacity.