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    A service commitment
    1 Companies adhering to the principle of customer first, adhere to meet customer requirements as their responsibility to actively support the development of customer projects of various products.
    2 The company promised since the customer orders reply within 24 hours delivery, and arrange for follow-up order progress throughout commissioner finished goods until delivery is no problem so far.
    3 For customer complaints, the company will first time back to the quality of management and treatment measures will be identified within 48 hours, to ensure that customers provide fast and efficient service.
    1 How if received the goods found product minority ?
    - If the packaging is intact find less fat, drain fat products, please notify our customer service phone, after the Division I confirm that less fat, we will help you a replacement as soon as possible after receipt of the goods.
    Tips: receipt, if the carton packaging is damaged, please do not sign, and I was immediately notified by telephone company customer service staff, thank you.
    2 products have been opened can also be refund, replacement do?
    - Has been opened by the Division I Management Department determined to poor quality products, our company will unconditionally refund, replacement; non-quality problems of products and man-made contamination or improper use, storage resulting in quality problems do not enjoy the return of goods services.
    3 return, replacement shipping how to count?
    - Because customers back for their own reasons, for equal or greater value of goods shall be borne by the customer to return the goods to our freight and shipping costs required to Division I send; time due to product quality problems return, undertaken by the Division I Delivery costs to return the goods and freight to send it again.
    4 modes of transport like?
    - After the order is signed, the contract will require our delivery to the specified address (transportation costs subject to contract), if the goods appear damaged in transit, our company will exchange for yield in the shortest time.
    5 products have quality problems how to do?
    - All complaints about product quality, will be passed in the fastest time to the quality of management and treatment measures determined according to the situation of complaints. Such as product quality problems, and quality control is determined by the Division I, Division I will be unconditional return policy.
    The privacy statement
    1 Personal Information Collection: "Personal Information" means any of your identification information, including: name, gender, date of birth, ID number, address, telephone number, email address, occupation, education level, work experience and so on. In order to improve the quality of service, the registered members of the company may require you to provide some personal information to enable us to better understand your needs and to serve you, at the same time, our right to take measures to verify the authenticity of the personal information you provide. If you provide personal information about another person, then you have made a formal license to others.

    2. personal information: personal information you provide will only within the company or with the use and sharing among its affiliates to use your personal information only to better understand your needs and provide you with a better services or perform the transaction, while Ben may use your personal information to contact you in order to provide services to you. In any case, we do not sell your information or (except as otherwise provided in law) to any third party disclosure. All customer information through the website and other channels we obtained only be used to process your order needs.
    3.Our site has appropriate security measures to ensure that our information is not lost, will not be abused or altered. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and user password encryption. Even though we have these security measures, but please note that

    online there is no "perfect
    security measures."
    4 Contact: If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact this website or dynamic message board with the company, our company will do our utmost to resolve.


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