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    “One-stopservice including kits + design + materials” is the core brand idea of Silver Age Optoelectronics.


    Asa supplier of schemes and materials for kits of all-plastic light-source lamps,Silver Age Optoelectronicsimproves the products and services constantly in a professional and dedicatedmanner, makes development by innovation, pursues excellence, sticks tointegrity and achieves win - win situation; it provides customers with optimalone-stop solutions in application of LED lamps in order to promote the continuous, healthyand fast development of LED industry.


    Besidestraditional marketing and promotion modes, Silver Age Optoelectronics also adopts fashionable brand promotions, e.g.WeChat Subscribers Lite. Various original activities strengthen the promotioncontinuously and effectively, which improves the company’s brand value while establishingthe brand of Silver Age Optoelectronics.


    Prospect: We are devoted to becoming the biggest supplier forplastic kits of LED lamps around the world.